Question Can I change the e-mail address and postal address I registered?
Answer Yes. Here's the procedure for changing your registered content.
1) In the top page of KORG USER NET, enter your e-mail address and password, and click "Edit User Information."
2) The registered information will be displayed; retype the registered content that you want to change.
3) Click the "Update" button.

Question I've forgotten my password; can you send my password to an e-mail address different than the one I used when registering?
Answer To prevent theft of personal information, we cannot send confirmation e-mails to an e-mail address other than the one with which you registered. Please also be aware that we cannot reply to telephone or fax inquiries either.

Question Someone claiming to represent Korg has sent me an e-mail asking for my password.
Answer Under no circumstances will Korg ask you for your password. You should never give your password to any other person.

Question When registering, I did not check the item "Subscribe to E-mail information for updates and related products"; why did I receive e-mail such as "License registration confirmation"?
Answer KORG USER NET always uses e-mail to inform you regarding your registrations, any changes in your registered content, reissued license code, and password verification. E-mail with content other than this is sent only if you requested it.

Question Can I transfer the license to my friend?
Answer No, our software products cannot be transferred. Only the registered user has the right to use the product.