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The product which adopts the method of copy protection where a unique license code is issued to your computer.

KORG Legacy Collection - Mono Poly : Specification

Mono/Poly Software Synthesizer

Maximum Polyphony 128 notes (depending on the CPU of host computer)
Number of Parts 1
Unison User-specifiable number of voices (1-16), Detune, Spread
@ 8 virtual patches with 159 modulation sources (Velocity/KBD Track/After Touch/Pitch Bend/Mod.Wheel/CC#/VCF EG/VCA EG/MG1/MG2/Noise, etc.), 35 destinations (VCO Pitch/VCO Level/Noise Level/VCO PW/VCO PWM Intensity/Portamento Time/Detune/Cutoff/Resonance/EG Intensity/VCA Gain/VCF EG/VCA EG/MG1 Speed/MG2 Speed/VCO Mod X-Mod/VCO Mod Freq Mod/Panpot, etc.)
Others Two multi-effect processors built into the interface
256 selectable by Program Browser and audition function
Micro tuning
Standalone and VST/AU/RTAS.
Please note that AAX is not supported.

System Requirements

Macintosh Computer CPU Intel Core Processor
Memory 1 GB or larger
Display 1,024 x 768 ? 32,000 colors or higher
Operating System Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
Audio Interface (*1) Stand-alone Core Audio compatible audio interface (Macintoshfs on-board sound output port can be used)
Plug-in Audio Units / VST / RTAS compatible
Windows Computer CPU Intel Core Processor
Memory 1 GB or larger
Display 1024 x 768 - 16 bit colors or higher
Operating System 32bit : Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 (Latest Service Pack)
64bit : Windows 7 / 8 (Latest Service Pack)
Audio Interface (*1) Stand-alone ASIO, DirectSound or MME compatible audio interface
Plug-in VST / RTAS compatible

*1 : Audio interface with a low latency will be needed to play software synthesizers in real time.
Further Notes
The software of this product is copy-protected. In order to use this product, you will need a computer that can be connected to the Internet.