License authorization version

The product which adopts the method of copy protection where a unique license code is issued to your computer.

Change of product line-up

This is FAQ for change of product line-up for the KLC users.

Please read before purchasing additional software
Q1I have the ANALOG EDITION 2007 or DIGITAL EDITION. Do I need to purchase individual software to use the latest versions again?
A1No. You can download and use the software included in the KLC series you own.

Q2How do I know which software are available?
A2Please read this page.

Q3What are the downloading/installation procedures of individual software?
  1. Access "KORG USER NET".
  2. Please enter your registered e-mail and password and log in.
  3. Click [DOWNLOAD for registered users].
  4. Click your registered product and download it.
  5. Double click the installer file, and install according to the directions.
  6. When you start up the software and the "License Authorization" screen appears, perform the gLicense Authorizationh according to the directions.

Q4Will ANALOG EDITION 2007 and DIGITAL EDITION be updated in the future?
A4No. We will offer individual software instead of them.

Q5What's the "KORG Legacy Collection - Special Bundle"?
A5It is the complete bundle of all of the Korg Legacy Collection software titles included MS-20, Polysix, Mono/Poly, M1, WAVESTATION, MDE-X.

Q6I have the KORG Legacy Collection v1.1. How can I upgrade it to the latest versions?
A6We already finished the development of KORG Legacy Collection v1.0 - 1.1. If you need the latest versions, please purchase the v1.2 upgrade at the online shop ? "KORG USER NET SHOP". The latest versions of these software are available.

Q7Do I need to register products again and perform the license authorization when I use individual software?
A7You need not register products again. Also, you need not perform the license authorization if you already performed it for your computer. If you change the computer on which you use the software, you'll need to obtain a new license code.

Q8I have the KORG Legacy Collection v1.2. I can download and use WAVESTATION v1.6. Why?
A8This time, we finished the development of WAVESTATION v1.2. You can download and use WAVESTATION v1.6 or later instead of it.

Q9Can I purchase the retailed boxed version of the new line-up?
A9We will offer download items only. You can purchase at the online shop -"KORG USER NET SHOP".

Q10I cannot find LegacyCell in the new line-up. Why?
A10If you have the following software, you can use LegacyCell for free. LegacyCell is available at the download page.
  • MS-20
  • Polysix
  • MDE-X